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CNC lathe service


All kinds of CNC turning, mainly specialized in single piece.

We manufacture all kinds of CNC turning, mainly specialized in single piece, in different materials such as tempered steels, stainless steels, aluminums, bronzes, and other special materials demanded by our customers.

For this we have different lathes and CNC lathes of last generation equipped with different tools that allow us to carry out machining works with specific characteristics such as axial and radial holes, flat parts, grooves and slits with different thicknesses and finishes or threaded of internal or external diameters .

Thanks to our team of professionals and our means of production we offer a production capacity of more than 40,000 hours per year, which guarantees the constant supply of machined parts in a short time, with high precision finishes and the possibility of adapting to your demand at all times.

2x Lathe CNC CMZ TBI-520 - with 12 motorized tools
⌀ Outside 450x1000

Lathe CNC CMZ TL-25-B - with visualizer
⌀ 400x600

Lathe LACFER CR2-E250 - with visualizer
⌀ 400x1000

Lathe AMUTIO CAZENEUVE HB-575 - with visualizer
⌀ 450x1000


Send us your drawings or 3D files and we will send you the evaluation of your project in 48h or less.


Envíenos sus planos o archivos 3D y le enviaremos la valoración de su proyecto en 48h o menos.

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