We manufacture all kinds of parts and prototypes through CNC milling, mainly specialized in single piece, in different materials such as tempered steels, stainless steels, aluminums, bronzes, and other special materials demanded by our clients.

Thanks to our specialized equipment and the most advanced means of production we offer a production capacity of more than 40,000 hours per year to guarantee the supply of machined parts in a record time, with high quality finishes and always adapting to your demand.

  • Fresadora Deckel FP 4A CNC
    500 x 400 x 500
    Fresadora Kondia K-600 CNC
    600 x 350 x 550 (4 ejes)
  • Fresadora DECKEL FPA-M con posicionador de cotas
    600 x 500 x 400
    Fresadora LAGUN F-TTV con visualización a los 3 ejes y mortajadora incorporada
    800 x 500 x 400

Send us your drawings or 3D files and we will send you the evaluation of your project in 48h or less.