GOERNA began its activity in 1977 in Tudela, Navarra, offering milling and machining services to the industrial sector of the area.</p> <p>40 years later, to date, our experience has allowed us to establish ourselves as a benchmark at the national level, specializing in precision machining and carrying out projects for such competitive sectors as automotive, aeronautics, machinery manufacturing or energy among others.</p> <p>Our installations of more than 2.000m2 have a tool park and complete machinery in constant evolution equipped with lathes, milling machines, centers of mechanization by numerical control (CNC) and rectificadoras of last generation that allow us to offer a capacity of production of more 40,000 hours per year.</p> <p>At present we continue to bet on offering quality products and services to our customers, in order to maintain and expand an increasingly demanding and specialized customer base.




We have over 40 years of experience machining parts for the most competitive sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, machinery manufacturing, energy and others.


Our capacity of over 40,000 hours of work per year, during the 12 months, allows us to guarantee our customers a constant workflow with an impeccable and personalized technical and commercial service.


Send us your drawings or 3D files and we will prepare a valuation in 48 hours. We work with very demanding delivery times, a differentiating value highly appreciated by our customers. We have MASTERCAM and FIKUS technology for the generation of CNC programs.


We offer services of turning, milling and grinding of parts in different materials such as special steels, stainless steels, aluminums, bronzes, technical plastics and all kinds of thermal and surface treatments (temples and temperings, chemical nickel, etc.)



In our activities the quality in our products is a priority, understanding this as a competitive advantage to offer an excellent product of quality, at the lowest cost and with the best possible service.

The guidelines and general objectives that guide us in relation to quality are reflected in our quality policy which, defined between our team of professionals and the management of the company, are part of the general policy of the company and can be summarized in the following points:

Obtain quality products, both in their physical characteristics (compliance with specifications, dimensional measures, tolerances, material, heat treatment, etc ...), as well as in their appearance (cleaning, packaging, etc ...), marking as the declining trend of non-quality indicators.

Provide a quality service that can satisfy the needs of the client, advising him in the matter of precision tools, with personalized attention and offering him the most suitable product to fulfill his needs.

• Put in place the most efficient and productive systems in a coordinated way.

• To count on the participation of all the people who form the Goerna team at all levels.

Our quality policies and its continuous improvement process must lead us to guarantee not only survival, but also the leadership in the sector to obtain the homologation of both our products and our facilities by the customers and certifying bodies.

We are committed to implementing this policy through the application of a quality assurance system based on UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 of APPLUS, accredited and audited by ENAC, allocating the necessary technical and human resources. ISO 9001 (pdf)

GOERNA, accredited and audited by Achilles with an outstanding rating of 80,9 %

quality certificate Goerna

Send us your drawings or 3D files and we will send you the evaluation of your project in 48h or less.

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